Our Official Online Cheese Shop

Check out our new Online Cheese Shop! It’s almost as cool as going to the farm store, but with better hours.

Cherry Grove Buttercup Brie

10 thoughts on “Our Official Online Cheese Shop

  1. julie koenig

    I recently had the pleasure of tasting the Herdsman and Toma at Whole Foods while doing a demo ( for another company). I really loved them. I see that you ship direct to consumers and I was wondering if you had another interest in distributors or brokers.
    I have been selliing gourmet cheeses for 6 years and have a local customer base as well as other distributors along the east coast who
    love fantastic domestic cheeses. If you do have any interest give me a call. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you
    Julie Koenig
    (973) 943-7369

  2. NANCY

    I am with Slow Food South Jersey Shore in Cape May. We are looking for local cheeses to serve as an appetizer for our annual fundraiser March 16. Is there a “bulk rate” or donated rate that you would consider? We will need to feed 200 and would be happy to promote your farm in return



  3. Jill Rose

    Have you considered selling a “sampler” package (i.e. a sample of your different cheeses)? If yes, when will this become available?

    1. Cherry Grove Farm Post author

      That is a great suggestion Jill. We offer on our online sales 1/2 lb. cuts of the cheeses we currently have available so people can pick and choose as they would like. This is something we will add to our farm thinking board and further discuss it. Thank you again for your comment!

  4. Hess

    Just had your cheeses today. The one bad thing about your cheese was that we couldnt buy it right then and there. Your cheese was about as spot on and “real” as it gets. I am sitting here drinking some wine we bought today and winding down but I feel incomplete as I did not choose to bring any of the other cheese home and the hole in my heart is only able to be filled by some proper and very tasty aged cheddar, lol. You were both very nice and welcomed us to the farm and I think to fill that hole, we will take you up on that offer one day. Thank you for making my day/garlic cheese and wine fest.

    1. Cherry Grove Farm Post author

      Priyam, thank you for your interest in our handcrafted cheese! Unfortunately we do not ship our product overseas at this time. Please do stop by our farm if you are ever in the New Jersey area.

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1902 - Family purchased farm

1910 - Leased land to dairy farmer

1987 - Hamill Brothers inherit farm

2002 - Started as a family business

2003 - Started a beef herd, laying hens, and pigs

2004 - Added sheep and attained organic certification of pasture land

2005 - Added dairy herd and began making fresh cheeses like mozzarella

2006 - Built aging caves and began making aged cheeses

2012 - Grid Magazine’s Cheese of the Month (Nov – Full Nettle Jack); Finalist at the Good Food Awards (Toma)

2013 - Won 2 blue ribbons from the American Cheese Society(for Buttercup Brie and Lawrenceville Jack Reserve); Added second cheesemaker

2014 - Broke ground on additional aging space and began process of getting AWA certification for our chickens