Inspiration Is Contagious

27. Feb, 2012

Meet Brian Curry, a local agricultural photographer who is currently studying Landscape Architecture at Rutgers University (I know what your thinking..what does this have to do with the farm or cheese?).

Well take a look…

photo credit: Brian Curry

photo credit: Brian Curry


photo credit: Brian Curry

photo credit: Brian Curry

photo credit: Brian Curry


These photos are more than just amazing talented pictures of Cherry Grove Farm; they are also research for Brian and his Landscape Architect classmates’ most recent assignment – Mission: How can Landscape Architecture help spread agricultural literacy in NJ?

All of us here at the farm are eager to see what Brian and his classmates come up with for Cherry Grove Farm and the surrounding farms (such as Terhune Orchards). As soon as the project is picked and started I will be sure to add onto this blog post to keep all of our friends, family, and local cheese lovers updated on the progress.

I would like to take this time in the blog post to personally thank the team of Rutgers Students who are working hard to help fight the good fight of spreading the knowledge and beauty of NJ agriculture.


” –nothing is better than knowing that people are interested in your work.” - Brian Curry

” I also have a photo blog that I update every few days”– Check it out  —


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  1. Cherry Grove Farm 13. Mar, 2012

    It takes mostly time and information to keep it looking good and active and thankfully not to much money. Look into Word Press and make sure whoever sets it up for you has it so you can easily update your information.

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