We Have Been Immortalized!

10. Sep, 2012


We are honored that two of our cheeses have been graced by the brushes of Mike Geno, a well-known artist whose paintings of bread, cheese, and bacon make our mouths water!


Herdsman by Mike Geno


His textured style makes it look like he paints with butter. Heavenly!


Lawrenceville Jack by Mike Geno


Mike said about the Lawrenceville Jack, “When I visited Cherry Grove Farm in Lawrenceville, NJ I had the pleasure of trying a bunch of cheese samples. I took this handsome wedge away with me for it’s interesting shape and translucent potential as a model. It certainly was easy to eat too!”

Thanks Mike! You are awesome!


Get your own cheese model to paint [or to eat!] at our Farm Store today!

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