Farmstead Cheese

Aging In Our Caves


Our pride and joy at Cherry Grove Farm is the variety of fresh and raw-milk cheeses handcrafted from the grass-fed milk of our Jersey and Short Horn dairy cows. Our lovely ladies graze daily on 230 acres of Organically Certified pastures. We practice rotational grazing, giving the cows a constant supply of fresh grass. The cows come inside twice a day to be milked but otherwise spend all their time outside grazing; they mow the grass and fertilize it, too! This saves fuel costs and eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers.


We milk seasonally, which means that in the dead of winter we give the cows a break from all their hard work! Then, a new cycle of cheese making begins with the birth of beautiful calves in March and April. Throughout the course of our milking season, the flavor and even the appearance of our cheeses transform based on the changes in the grass and flora of our pastures.


All of our cheese is made right on the farm! You can see cheesemakers hard at work through the window in our Farm Store. We also age our cheeses on site in a series of manmade cheese caves that are humidity and temperature controlled.


Visit our our Farm Store (open year round!) to get your hands on our locally handcrafted farmstead cheese.


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