Cheddar Cheese Curds

Our Cheese Curds are the most “fun” cheese we make here at Cherry Grove Farm thanks to their delightful squeakiness! Cheese curds are un-aged and unpressed cheese; all we do is separate out the whey! They taste like a more flavorful mozzarella, and they melt just as well! In fact, you can learn to make mozzarella from them in one of our classes. We occasionally experiment with different seasonings, including Pizza, Peppercorn & Olive Oil, and Mol√© Spice.

What does one do with Cheese Curds? They are a a great finger food: plain or breaded and pan-seared. We also like to chop them up and mix them with ground beef or chicken (check out our mouthwatering Ground Griggstown Chicken Burger Recipe). They also make a great addition to your average grilled cheese or scrambled eggs!

$8/lb (limited availability)