Seasonal Jacks

Our Monterey Jacks are available at different times of the year, based on season and availability. We chose the Jack style for its ability to both stand on its own and act as a foil for other delicious flavors. These creamy raw milk jacks are aged in our caves for 2 months. Depending on the season, we add different herbs and spices to these 15 to 16 pound wheels to add variety to our cheese catalog selection. The superior melting qualities of our Jacks make them great for grilled cheese, burgers, and Mac’n Jack!

Lawrenceville Jack

Our most classic of the Jacks, Lawrenceville Jack is versatile and friendly to all palates. This subtly sharp and creamy cheese allows for all the flavors of our grass-fed milk to shine!


Full Nettle Jack

Selected as Grid Magazine’s Cheese of the Month in November 2012, Full Nettle Jack is one of our star cheeses! We are grateful to North Slope Farm in Lambertville, NJ, for harvesting the locally and organically grown stinging nettles for us–we wouldn’t want to do it ourselves! The nettles add a delicious herbaceous note (comparable to dill) to our Jack without overpowering the creamy flavor of the cheese. Don’t worry, it won’t sting you! $21.99/lb 

Chilli Jack

Turkish chilies  including Aleppo and Urfa, are added to our Chilli Jack. The high quality of our milk brings out all the taste of these delicious chilies while dampening the spice, thus allowing the warm flavor to come through without the heat. $21.99/lb

Garlic Peppercorn Jack

A play on charcuterie, this hearty, savory Jack will make your mouth water. The perfectly balanced combination of garlic and whole peppercorns elicits memories of salamis and other cured meats. This cheese is amazing melted on top of a burger. It’s also great for vegetarians who might miss the flavor of meat but don’t want to cheat! $21.99/lb


Cumin Jack

The addition of toasted cumin seeds to our Jack adds a unique flavor and aromatic note. Cumin Jack adds even more flavor to Latin American dishes and burgers! $21.99/lb