Our Products


Farmstead Cheese

Our pride and joy at Cherry Grove Farm is the variety of fresh and raw-milk cheeses handcrafted from the grass-fed milk of our Jersey and Short Horn dairy cows. Our lovely ladies graze daily on 230 acres of Organically Certified pastures. We practice rotational grass grazing, giving the cows a constant supply of fresh grass. The cows come inside twice a day to be milked but otherwise spend all their time outside grazing; they mow the grass and fertilize it, too!  This saves fuel costs and eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers.

Whey-Fed Pork

As with most food production, cheesemaking has a byproduct: whey. Instead of sending our whey to a landfill, we have a more sustainable waste-management system: our heritage-breed Berkshire pigs! We pump the whey leftover from our cheese makes into holding tanks, bring it to the pigs, and they gobble it up! Whey is a much more complete nutritional protein for pigs than grain, and it also makes our pork leaner and incredibly flavorful! We use no growth hormones, antibiotics or steroids All our pork products are free of nitrates and preservatives, even our smoked meats, including bacon and ham!




Pasture-Raised Eggs

We raise Rhode Island Red/White Rock crosses at Cherry Grove Farm. Our chickens get plenty of outdoor space and have the opportunity to scratch around for bugs and plants on our organic pastures. Their diet is supplemented with Non-GMO feed. Our lovely ladies provide us with delicious fresh eggs, which we collect, wash, and package daily. If you have never tried a fresh, pasture-raised egg, you haven’t lived! These eggs can even last for at least 2 months in the refrigerator!


Grass-Fed Lamb

Our herd of heritage-breed Katahden sheep is grass-fed from our Organically Certified pastures. They roam about freely in the fields of our land on Carter Road.


 Proud Member of the Good Food Merchants Guild Since 2012