New Fermented Vegetable Class Added!

13. Oct, 2013 ·4

  Join us  November 9 at 1pm for a class on the art of vegetable fermentation!  Learn how to make these delicious, highly nutritious foods, and how to incorporate them into your diet.  For more information and to sign up, visit the classes page.

New Cheese Making Class Dates Added!

07. Oct, 2013 ·4

Thank you for loving our classes!  At your request, we’ve added two more classes to the fall line-up!  Now you can also join us on November 30 and December 21 for our “Double-Header Cheemaking Class.”   See the classes page for more information.

A Local Twist on a Classic Soup

26. Nov, 2012 ·0

Sam’s Onion Soup Serves 4 2 lbs. Onions 1 head garlic, crushed (Cherry Grove Organics) 1 quart chicken or vegetable broth 12 oz (1 bottle) Dark Beer (Stout or Porter) or Black Style Beer 1/3 lbs. CGF Rosedale, grated 1 baguette (Village Bakery) sliced and toasted Salt and Pepper to taste 1 bunch Thyme, chopped […]

Item of the Week: 11/11/12

12. Nov, 2012 ·0

  Muirhead’s Award-Winning Green Tomato Mincemeat     It’s green tomato season—just a little too cold for those stragglers to ripen on the vine. So what can you do with these stubborn nightshades that refuse to grow up? Well, you could bread them and fry them. But, they can also make a delicious sweet treat! […]

A Fair Day at Cherry Grove Farm

26. Jul, 2012 ·0

Last week our friends at Fair Food Farmstand dropped by! We had a fantastic time giving them a behind-the-scenes look at how we operate on a daily basis, and we even got our hands a little dirty in the process! Fair Food Farmstand carries our farmstead cheeses and a plethora of other farm-sourced goodies at […]

Where’s the Beef?

06. Jul, 2012 ·0

It’s coming! We will be getting all cuts of beef in, including the steaks and ground beef you have all been patiently awaiting. Monday, July 9th, we will be picking up a cow from our butcher, Bringhurst Meats, located in Berlin, NJ. Bringhurst is the last family owned butcher in New Jersey, so they approach […]

Cherry Grove Farm News – Spring 2012

15. Mar, 2012 ·0

A New Baby, Spring 2012   Hard to believe, but our “winter break” is almost over. Every winter, during the cows’ last months of pregnancy, we give them and ourselves a break from milking. We spend January and February recouping, reorganizing and even resting a little.  And now is the time to kick into gear…new […]

Inspiration Is Contagious

27. Feb, 2012 ·1

Meet Brian Curry, a local agricultural photographer who is currently studying Landscape Architecture at Rutgers University (I know what your thinking..what does this have to do with the farm or cheese?). Well take a look…     These photos are more than just amazing talented pictures of Cherry Grove Farm; they are also research for Brian and his Landscape […]

Local & Grass-Fed + a recipe

26. Jan, 2012 ·3

At Our Farm Store Now! Stop by our Farm Store and take advantage of this wonderful grass-fed ground beef sale, while supplies last.  Locally grass-fed beef is usually much more expensive than the ground beef you can get from the supermarkets, because it locally raised and fed the right way off organic certified pastures. This […]

Give The Gift Of Local NJ Cheese

03. Dec, 2011 ·2

From Our Organic Pastures To Your Holiday Table Cherry Grove Farm’s Holiday Cheese Plate is as unique as it is delicious. We have hand selected 3 of our favorite farmstead raw milk cheeses totaling 1 lb. in weight  ready to serve 6-8 people. The cheeses are arranged elegantly on a natural bamboo platter, adorned with […]