Of Eggs and the New Year

On the eve of 2011 as you are thinking about your New Year’s resolutions, one of which may be to buy more locally produced food this year, we ask you to remember that we are a small family farm. Our egg supply lately has been inconsistent and the sizes of the eggs have varied considerably. This is because we have a relatively small flock of chickens with a limited amount of space and we have recently cycled in a new flock of pullets, as young chickens are called. As we wait for these girls to catch up, we have smaller eggs than usual and not as many. The frustration that some of our customers show us in response to our egg supply surprises us. We would like to think our customers shop at our farm because they understand we are trying to bring them the best, most sustainably produced products we can. With the demand we have for eggs, we could raise 10,000 hens, but we are not a commercial egg farm we are a small diversified farm that attempts to tread more lightly on the land. We keep a small flock, that is free to roam, scratch for bugs and do other chicken things while supplying us with fresh yummy eggs with golden yellow yolks. So in 2011, remember the ladies and be patient with them!

Happy New Year from everyone at Cherry Grove!   May it be a fertile one!

1902 - Family purchased farm

1910 - Leased land to dairy farmer

1987 - Hamill Brothers inherit farm

2002 - Started as a family business

2003 - Started a beef herd, laying hens, and pigs

2004 - Added sheep and attained organic certification of pasture land

2005 - Added dairy herd and began making fresh cheeses like mozzarella

2006 - Built aging caves and began making aged cheeses

2012 - Grid Magazine’s Cheese of the Month (Nov – Full Nettle Jack); Finalist at the Good Food Awards (Toma)

2013 - Won 2 blue ribbons from the American Cheese Society(for Buttercup Brie and Lawrenceville Jack Reserve); Added second cheesemaker

2014 - Broke ground on additional aging space and began process of getting AWA certification for our chickens