Napa Valley Dreaming!

Greetings gang,

Great to be back after my sojourn in the sun! This cheesemaker got up to many dairy adventures while in Marin and Sonoma counties last week. At one point, meeting holsteins by the ocean, water buffalo, acrobatic baby goats, and tiny vocal lambs – all in one day. 
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Ramini Mozzarella above. 
Nothing like taking some deep breaths and being inspired by dairy and wine country (whom I think us cheesemakers have a lot to learn from). I’m so grateful for the team back here on the farm who could make it happen. Pictured below is my old pal Emily Gunther (of Zone 7) pitching in, and Vince flipping some Toma they made together. Teamwork indeed.
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What is in the case?
Brie: Young batches of regular size and mini wheels too. With limited availability per the usual winter milk supply.
Herdsman: Wheels from October and early November. Nice wheels with creamy farmhouse flavor. Baskets return (some with ash through the middle) for those that prefer those! Raw Milk.
Havilah:  Wonderful August and Sept 2014 batches. Grass, pineapple, hints of hazelnut and fudge, with a really great texture. Raw Milk.
Lawrenceville Jack  Our usual creamy grass-fed, mac n cheese buddy. Summer wheels.
Toma: Notes of peanut, cream, grass, and a wonderful lasting funk. Smooth, semi-soft, buttery texture with a lovely mixed rind. Raw Milk. Aged about 90 days.
Full Nettle Jack: Spicy oregano and lemon notes shining through from the nettles. Spring and summer wheels. Raw Milk
Trilby: It’s Baaack! Our local whiskey soused friend is currently available in .50 and 1 lb rounds. Like Toma, if Toma was blended with a fat knob of butter, snuck in the candy store on the way from school, and ate a fistful of pop rocks. Pasteurized.
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But wait, that’s not all! (with apologies to Ron Popeil).

Check out these awesome upcoming events we are a part of:
Philly Chef Conference : right now!
The Brewer’s Plate : March 13th
Curd Convention at Philly Farm Fest: April 10th
Looking forward to your business! 
Happy eating,

1902 - Family purchased farm

1910 - Leased land to dairy farmer

1987 - Hamill Brothers inherit farm

2002 - Started as a family business

2003 - Started a beef herd, laying hens, and pigs

2004 - Added sheep and attained organic certification of pasture land

2005 - Added dairy herd and began making fresh cheeses like mozzarella

2006 - Built aging caves and began making aged cheeses

2012 - Grid Magazine’s Cheese of the Month (Nov – Full Nettle Jack); Finalist at the Good Food Awards (Toma)

2013 - Won 2 blue ribbons from the American Cheese Society(for Buttercup Brie and Lawrenceville Jack Reserve); Added second cheesemaker

2014 - Broke ground on additional aging space and began process of getting AWA certification for our chickens