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Rendering Leaf Lard for Pie Crust

The season of celebrations is upon us, and with it requests for leaf lard.

For generations, the best pie crusts were made with lard, or a combination of lard and butter; lard bringing the delicate flakiness, and butter offering great flavor. Then, somehow we got confused about our fats.

lard on a spoon

We all need fats in our diet to properly absorb nutrients. The unprocessed foods we eat are some combination of saturated, polyunsaturated, and monounsaturated fatty acids. Most of the fat in a pasture-raised animal is monounsaturated fats in the form of oleic fatty acid, the same fatty acid found in good olive oil that is so often praised for it’s health benefits. The soft leaf lard found in pastured pigs that our great-grandmothers used for pastry making is this type of good fat.

We sell our leaf lard unrendered, straight from the animal. Rendering lard is not difficult, especially if you know the proper techniques for the stovetop or the crock pot. And it makes a heavenly pie crust.

flaky pie crust



Pack a Picnic & Recipe Contest!

There’s nothing like the Jersey shore on a hot and sunny summer day (ok, I know it’s raining today, but I can dream). What does this have to do with the farm you ask? The beach picnic, of course. Check out our new recipe section for inspiration and ideas! Looking for the ultimate beach picnic lunch? Pick up some farm fresh eggs and a baguette to make some pepper, egg, & onion sandwiches, nothing packs better, or try some mac n’ jack for comfort on a rainy day. Do you love cooking with our farm fresh products as much as we do? Then submit your favorite recipe using a Cherry Grove Farm product in our recipe contest! Recipes should include either our whey fed pork, pasture raised lamb, grass fed beef, fresh eggs, hand crafted cheese, or any combination of these. Submissions are due by Friday, August 2nd, and winners will be announced on Wednesday, August 7th. Post your recipes as comments or send them to our chef at jes.castron@gmail.com. beach small

Celebrate Father’s Day with an Afternoon on the Farm – Update!

Searching for the perfect father’s day gift? How about a relaxing afternoon on our farm! We will be hosting a barbeque featuring our heritage-breed, whey fed pork and grass fed raw-milk cheeses. Grilled andouille, kielbasa, smoked ham, and grilled cheese on local artisanal bread; what more could a dad want? We will also be giving farm tours of our pristine organic pasture. The festivities will be held on Sunday, June 16th from noon to five o’clock at Cherry Grove Farm. Guests are welcome to bring their own beverages. Live entertainment will be provided by local band Bad Spoon from 1:00 – 3:00 and the farm tour will begin at 3:00. An event not to be missed!

Local Super Bowl Snacks!

Gear up for game day with some delicious local takes on classic finger food recipes. We  will be open regular hours (10-5pm) this Sunday, so stop by for some snack ideas!

Super Bowl Super Pop Kettle Corn: Put 3/4 cup Farmer Steve’s Super Pop kernels and 3 tablespoons each sugar and vegetable oil in a large heavy-bottomed pot. Partially cover and cook over high heat, shaking, until the popping stops. Season with salt.

Nachos topped with shredded Herdsman and CGF Whey-Fed Andouilli Sausage

Brie baked in a puffed pastry with sliced apples and local honey from Bob’s Buzzy Bees

Grass-Fed Ground Beef Sliders: Form 1 pound ground beef into 12 patties, 3/4 inch thick. Sprinkle a skillet with kosher salt; cook the patties over high heat until cooked to your liking. Put on mini buns and top with some shredded Rosedale and caramelized onions.

Chili Jack Cornbread Muffins:
Your favorite cornbread recipe with a twist! After baking the muffins, slice of the tops. Then top with some grass-fed chili and shredded Chili or January Jack. Thanks for the suggestion, Brian!

Whey-Fed Pigs in a Blanket with any style CGF sausage links (we like them with hot sausage!)

SALE: 30% off Breakfast Sausage

Rise and shine! It’s time for a sale on our Whey-Fed Breakfast Sausage! This sale runs Friday, February 1st through Saturday, February 16th. Seasoned with salt, pepper, and sage, this sausage has that oh-so-familiar breakfasty flavor… you know… the kind worth getting out of bed for!

But wait! Contrary to popular belief (and the name), you can do more with this sausage than sizzling it up with hash browns and eggs. Here are some other fun suggestions:

  • Add a layer to your favorite homemade lasagna recipe (topped with some 18-moth-old grated Havilah!)
  • Sausage Pretzel Bites (substituting Breakfast Sausage)
  • A flavorful pizza topping
  • A hearty addition to a winter soup (kale and potato is our current favorite!)


The possibilities are endless! Let us know what creative ideas you come up with when you stop by to stock up at the Farm Store!

1902 - Family purchased farm

1910 - Leased land to dairy farmer

1987 - Hamill Brothers inherit farm

2002 - Started as a family business

2003 - Started a beef herd, laying hens, and pigs

2004 - Added sheep and attained organic certification of pasture land

2005 - Added dairy herd and began making fresh cheeses like mozzarella

2006 - Built aging caves and began making aged cheeses

2012 - Grid Magazine’s Cheese of the Month (Nov – Full Nettle Jack); Finalist at the Good Food Awards (Toma)

2013 - Won 2 blue ribbons from the American Cheese Society(for Buttercup Brie and Lawrenceville Jack Reserve); Added second cheesemaker

2014 - Broke ground on additional aging space and began process of getting AWA certification for our chickens